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About the Trainer

High School & College

In high school Hasan A. Ahad, formerly known as Manny Casey, lettered three years of varsity basketball. During his senior year, he was a teammate of NBA Hall of Famer Jason Kidd. At San Jose City, Hasan was a standout junior college player which enabled him to play ball at Western Oregon University.

Due to hard work and dedication, Hasan was able to play six years of professional basketball overseas. In his rookie year of professional ball, he played for Bank of Taipei, Taiwan. During that first season, he led his team to their first championship.

Professional Career

Over the years, Hasan also played in Lebanon, Mexico, and the United States. In fact, at one point he played against the Iranian National team. In 1999, he was in minicamp with the Golden State Warriors.


In 2007, Hasan began training athletes in the Bay Area. Later, he moved to Charlotte where he trained and played against athletes who had been playing overseas. In this pursuit, Hasan was helped by his junior college teammate Eric Bellamy.

Now, Hasan stands as a phenomenal basketball trainer who takes pride in drawing upon his lifetime of experience and knowledge to help bring players' games to the next level. He focuses on teaching the fundamentals and expanding the offensive and defensive games of each and every ballplayer.

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